Collected Stories from the Toronto Star

The Toronto Star, 1992, 1992. 1st Edition. No Binding. Fine. Item #52-015

Very Fine. First Edition. This is a special supplement to the March 1, 1992, edition of the Toronto Star, collecting and publishing for the first and only time numerous stories written by Hemingway as a reporter for the Star. The Star headline says it all: "Publishers believed they had collected ALL of Ernest Hemingway's stories when they compiled his 'complete' works. They were wrong." Included i n the stories by Hemingway are a color feature on heavyweight champ Jack Dempsey and environmental reporting on dying oak trees in High Park. Several stories were written for the Star but rejected by Star editors and held in files. They were uncovered by Star reporters in the JFK Library and in the files of a Star librarian who thought they were worth saving. The Star now writes: "Inspired detect i ve work by two Toronto Star employees on a treasure hunt across two continents has unearthed a 'prize' of lost stories by famed novelist Ernest Hemingway. The discovery of the never-published stori e s will delight fans of the newspaper?s most celebrated writer.These stories show the development of the great novelist's distinctive writing style." The paper quotes a Hemingway scholar as saying th e s tories are a "fine example of Hemingway in full flight." Also included is the front page of the paper that day promoting the supplement. None of these stories have ever been published in a book, a nd s everal have never appeared, before or after, anywhere besides in this supplement. FASCINATING!! A MUST for the Hemingway collector.

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